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Trauma, loss, and fears about our vulnerabilities and purpose are all experiences that can lead us to believe that we are not worthy of a life that is wholehearted and happy. Whatever our lived experiences, a personal sense of shame can mute our ability to reach out; by working together, we’ll be challenging that shame from the very start.

Clients can often arrive feeling depressed, anxious, and certain of the bleakness of their life. By working together we’ll question those certainties and invite choice and possibility back into your way of thinking.

I have additional training in the following areas: Trauma, Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Identity and Purpose, Mental Health, Addiction and Suicide.

Jaggedge Counselling
Jaggedge Counselling
Substance Abuse
Jaggedge Counselling
Mental Health
Jaggedge Counselling
Jaggedge Counselling
Jaggedge Counselling

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Jaggedge Counselling
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Additional support

  • Bereavement advise and support
  • Rape advise and support for adults and children who have been raped or sexually abused
  • Victim Support for victims and witnesses of crime